Chocolate Buttons Anyone?

All Natural White Chocolate Buttonsh

Dark, Milk and White Choc Buttons

1kg All Natural White Chocolate Buttons (Leaf Shape) – Cravve

Our white chocolate is made with 3 ingredients; cocoa butter, Australian milk & Australian sugar. Ideal for white hot chocolates, chocolate lattes and baking.

125 Leaves per 1kg Bag – each Leaf is 8 grams and the size of a 20 cent piece.

How many Leaves per Cup Size?

  • 6oz – 2 leaves – approx 62 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg
  • 8oz – 3 leaves – approx 41 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg
  • 12oz – 4 leaves – approx 31 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg
  • 16oz – 5 leaves – approx 25 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg

Serving Suggestions;

  • Whisk is a cup with a small qty of steamed milk
  • Serve on the side of steamed milk for the customer to stir/eat and enjoy the experience!
All Natural Dark Chocolate Buttons – Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

1kg All Natural Dark Chocolate 70% Buttons (Leaf Shape) – Cravve

Our dark chocolate is crafted from West African cocoa beans refined and conched over 19 hours for a rich, smooth chocolate ideal for delicious real hot chocolate or baking. Vegan – dairy free – gluten free. Serving Suggestions as above.

All Natural Milk Chocolate Buttons

1kg All Natural Milk Chocolate Buttons (Leaf Shape) – Cravve

Crafted from African cocoa beans,Australian milk, Australian cane sugar. For a creamy milk chocolate ideal for real hot chocolates or baking. Serving Suggestions as above.

Cravve is one of our Gold Coast Producers, everything is All Natural or Organic specialising in Chocolate, Powders, Sauces, Syrup and more…