Chai Latte Powder

Chai Latte Powder

So many choices in the market today. How do you choose the right Chai Powder for your customers. Is it on taste, texture, price, distributor, service, minimum order amount?

We’ve partnered with a number of Chai Latte specialists, all offering powders to suit different needs.

Cravve Chai Powder

Cravve is a traditional blend of all natural spices. This blend is slightly grainier than other powders therefore you might find a sediment at the bottom of your cup. It’s a delicious real chai – See more. Cravve also produce a Chai Dusting Powder to complete the offering. And a Matcha Green Tea Powder, along with many Chocolate powders.

DaVinci Gourmet Chai Powder

DaVinci offer a chai flavoured powder mix. This mix has been designed to work perfectly in hot and cold beverages in particular blending with their syrups and frappe – See more. DaVinci now do a Match Green Latte as well as other powders.

The Art of Blend Chai Powder

The Art of Blend chai is called an Aromatic Chai due to the blending of their unique spices – cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove. They have developed their spices to work well with hot and cold beverages including Granita/Slush Machines – See more. The Art of Blend specialise in Milk, Belgian, White, Frappe and other powders.

Urban Blend Chai Powder

Urban Blends specialise in non-coffee beverages. Their Raw Spiced Chai is hand blended using only the finest ingredients. Drawing inspiration from the six traditional chai spices, our Raw Spiced Chai emulates the flavour profile of traditional wet chai but doesn’t require time consuming straining when making. A balanced mix of organic Sri-Lankan spices surrounds a slightly sweetened centre. A must for spice lovers! – See more. Urban Blends also produces a Matcha blend, other powders and a retail range.

NEW Chai Brands….

As some of you already know part of our service is to help source the right supplier for your business. Therefore over the next few weeks we have a few more Chai Latte Powders heading your way. King Chai is first on the list. Looks like Arkadia is coming back along with 2 others yet to be confirmed. Oh and yes we have a hemp chai coming from 13 Seeds.

Don’t forget we also have a number of Chai Latte Syrup Suppliers… so it you’re not a fan of the Powders…:) Syrup is great for speed!

And a REAL STICKY CHAI option – Cravve also have one listing soon.

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