New Protein and Paleo flavours for the Pick-me-Up Luv Sum range @goodfoodwarehouse

Pick-me-up Luv Sum Caveman Paleo Ball
Luv Sum Pick-me-Up Cookies and Cream Protein Ball
Pick-me-up Luv Sum Cashew and Caramel Paleo Ball
Luv Sum Pick-me-Up Mac Coconut Splash Protein Ball

Rhett from Luv Sum has been working hard on new flavours, if you’re not familiar with this range, here is a little more info..

Luv Sum is about loving life and loving food, allowing you to make healthier choices that taste great for a balanced diet and a balanced way of life. Fun, goodness, a great healthy pick me up! Luv Sum produce healthier snack alternatives, excellent delicious treats, afternoon snacks and great pre and post gym snacks after workout energy boosts.

New flavours as follows; Cashew and Carmel Paleo Ball, Caveman Cacao Mint Paleo Ball, Cookies and CreaMmm Protein Ball, Mac Coconut Splash Protein Ball – and more to come…:)

Luv Sum have a couple of offerings in their wrapped range;

Here is a link to their Ordering Form, this will give you a complete list of their carton offerings, please note there has been some pricing changes.

We’ve also started to add more info on the products, here is a quick example of the Luv Sum Cashew and Carmel Paleo Ball, you’ll see new images, full nutritional info, ingredients, RRP, discounts and more…please be patient as this does a while to gather and make it look like you want to eat it…:)

Perfect Healthy Treat alternative for your Cafe, Hampers, Meeting Rooms, Food Truck, Coffee Van, Vending Machine, Staff Room, Corporate Events, Home, Local Gym, Chemist, Corner Shop, Newsagent and more…

Have a great weekend and as always any questions just ask.

Many Thanks Jane

COMING SOON…Luv Sum new Food Service range – Unwrapped Balls!