GoodFoodWarehouse Marketing Policy

Choosing how many times we communicate to you isn’t easy, you’re busy and we all receive too many emails. I do anyway!!

We’ve recently re-vamped our blog, started to chat more on social media and I hope you’ve noticed; we’re emailing you less and less.

After much deliberation we’ve decided that it’s important you gain a quick heads up on our latest supplier news, our news, industry news, so we’ll schedule a monthly email out to you, with our latest blog headlines and you can choose to come and read more or not…

Any other emails outside of that will only be if a Supplier has a new Deal or something we need to communicate quickly.

So… this is our marketing policy, we will not spam you, our objective is to provide you with useful information to help you grow your business…:)

We’re working on lots of things from drink recipes, food recipes, menu designs and much more.

Just shout if you have any questions, happy to chat…we hope you stick around!!

Many Thanks