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Welcome Urban Blends….

All Natural – Hand Crafted – Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Specialty Non-Coffee Blends

Urban Blends is a father & son’s creation of naturally made, hand crafted café blends. With over 10 years in the coffee industry, we have taken inspiration from the vibrant and contrasting café scenes of both Melbourne and New Zealand to bring together a collection of seven of our specialty café blends into one range. A range we are very passionate about and excited to introduce to you!

Our creations use only ethically sourced high-quality  ingredients. Lightly sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, flavoured with Sri Lankan spices and dark, rich cacao, our hand crafted blends forgo additives and industrial sweeteners in favour of high quality, natural and organically sourced ingredients.

The result: An exciting range of natural, handcrafted blends that your customers will simply love.

Carton Option 1 – 1kgs Bags

Minimum Order Size – You need to pick 4 items to fill the carton.

Carton Option 2 – 500g Bags

Minimum Order Size – You need to pick 6 items to fill the carton.

Carton Option 3 – Retail Jars

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NEW from SHOTT Beverages

Beverage Bar Pourer from Shott Beverages

SHOTT has also listed 4 NEW Flavours;

  • Gingerbread
  • Almond
  • Blackcurrent and Honey
  • Gold Kiwifruit

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Chocolate Buttons Anyone?

All Natural White Chocolate Buttonsh

Dark, Milk and White Choc Buttons

1kg All Natural White Chocolate Buttons (Leaf Shape) – Cravve

Our white chocolate is made with 3 ingredients; cocoa butter, Australian milk & Australian sugar. Ideal for white hot chocolates, chocolate lattes and baking.

125 Leaves per 1kg Bag – each Leaf is 8 grams and the size of a 20 cent piece.

How many Leaves per Cup Size?

  • 6oz – 2 leaves – approx 62 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg
  • 8oz – 3 leaves – approx 41 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg
  • 12oz – 4 leaves – approx 31 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg
  • 16oz – 5 leaves – approx 25 Cups of Hot Chocolate per kg

Serving Suggestions;

  • Whisk is a cup with a small qty of steamed milk
  • Serve on the side of steamed milk for the customer to stir/eat and enjoy the experience!
All Natural Dark Chocolate Buttons – Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

1kg All Natural Dark Chocolate 70% Buttons (Leaf Shape) – Cravve

Our dark chocolate is crafted from West African cocoa beans refined and conched over 19 hours for a rich, smooth chocolate ideal for delicious real hot chocolate or baking. Vegan – dairy free – gluten free. Serving Suggestions as above.

All Natural Milk Chocolate Buttons

1kg All Natural Milk Chocolate Buttons (Leaf Shape) – Cravve

Crafted from African cocoa beans,Australian milk, Australian cane sugar. For a creamy milk chocolate ideal for real hot chocolates or baking. Serving Suggestions as above.

Cravve is one of our Gold Coast Producers, everything is All Natural or Organic specialising in Chocolate, Powders, Sauces, Syrup and more…

DaVinci Gourmet Australia

DaVinci Gourmet Real Fruit Mix

NEW Real Fruit Mix


Single strength in fruits is defined as minimally processed fresh fruit upholding the original characteristics of the fresh fruit.

It means that the fruit purees and pulps used in making our products are carefully processed to obtain the same strength as what you would get from blending a fresh fruit. The pulp and puree used is made with fresh fruit blended, processed and stabilized (usually aseptic process) as a natural pulp and puree to preserve the freshness of the fruit. This is also used to make premium fruit juices.

Mango, Strawberry and Mixed Berry are currently available

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Don’t forget the more you order from a Supplier the cheaper it gets!! DaVinci Gourmet produces Coffee Syrups, Fruit Syrups, Fruit Mixes, Sauces and Powders – See Full listing.

We’ve also loaded the DaVinci Fruit Mix Recipe Book to our Knowledge Base.

DaVinci Premium Chocolate Powder is also back….

Chocolate Powder is back and new packing is coming soon….

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Good Food Warehouse
Wishing you a Happy New Year from Good Food Warehouse

Quick Reminder….

We hope you’ve had a great start for 2019….:)

Suppliers are back in action on Monday 7th January and a few on the 14th, please check their brand page online for specific dates.

Good Food Warehouse is open for business online 24/7, phone support will be back in full swing on Monday 14th, however we’ll be checking emails on a daily basis to make sure everything is okay, please feel free to email admin@goodfoodwarehouse.com.au if you have any questions or concerns.

Many Thanks

From Jane, Michael and the Good Food Warehouse team

Merry Christmas….

Merry Christmas Good Food Warehouse

Quick ORDER Reminder….

Orders in please, Suppliers start to close W/C: 17th December. You’ll find dates on Supplier Brand pages.  Most Suppliers are not Open till Jan 7 or 14. Please ensure you have plenty of stock, remember it’s as Fresh as it gets…. production is running hot so you’ll have long life on most products.

MaMa Kaz Breads and Muffins are produced Fresh, they can be frozen on receipt for up to 6mths.  Pop them in the freezer, grab when needed.

We hope you manage to enjoy a break with family and friends. 

Good Food Warehouse is open for business online 24/7, phone support will be closed over the Christmas break however we’ll be checking emails on a daily basis to make sure everything is okay, please work on a 24hr turn around.

Thank you for all your support this year, we hope you’ve enjoyed our service and we look forward to helping you out in 2019.

Many Thanks & Merry Christmas

From Jane, Michael and the Good Food Warehouse team

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