Have you done your ‘Wholesale Health Check’?

Time to re-group and make sure we’re delivering the best service, product and prices!!

This has been quite an exercise and thought we’d pass on some tips;

  • Don’t fall into the trap where the product price looks cheap and then you get hit with a freight calculator at the checkout, you’ll soon see a Coffee Syrup go from $13 to $19 ex gst.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of bulk buying where they don’t offer flexibility of mixing products – you may not want 6 bottles of 1 flavour you might want 48 bottles of many flavours.
  • One of the worst I’ve found is the more you buy the more expensive the freight is, before you know it you can be paying $100 for delivery.
  • Do your homework – buying direct from the producer, it’s not cheaper and it’s likely they’ll charge you freight and credit card fees! Do that ten times and you’ll see costs add up!!

This little exercise is part of our annual ‘health check’, it’s keeping us on our toes and making sure we always offer you the best we can…

  • We’ve never charged freight and never will
  • We allow you to buy as many bulk cartons as you like and they can be mixed if you wish
  • We consistently offer great Quantity Discounts – saving you hundreds of dollars each year!
  • We drop-ship the products from the Supplier to you – giving you the freshest products in the market – Limited Wastage!!
  • We allow you to buy direct from many producers in a centralised location – one order, one payment, one point of contact..
  • Delivery, Returns and Any Problems – we address all issues within 48hrs and in most case have a credit processed just as quick.

We are continuing our assessment over the next few months and we’ll let you know if we’re making any changes – for the better…:)

We love feedback so please feel free to email me.

Have a lovely afternoon.



NEW SUPPLIERS – Dispatch scheduled to begin in Feb!!

Please let me know if you’re interested in any particular flavours so we can allocate stock…

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Work in Progress…

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