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NEW SUPPLIER – LUKEN & MAY – Food Service Catering Biscuits and Butterburst Gift range…

Luken & May – Made from the finest ingredients, Luken and May biscuits are an entertainer’s favourite thanks to their delicate shapes and unique flavour profiles. Luken and May’s range of butterburst biscuits has won multiple awards for their taste and sophisticated flavours ranging from Citrus Lemon to Almond Vanilla.

Info you need to know about;

Luken & May have a couple of different carton offerings;

  • Luken & May Biscuits – 18g Food Service Portion Control Biscuits Carton
    • Twin Pack option great for a giveaway, we’ll price – 200/carton
  • Luken & May Biscuits – 120g / 175g Retail Carton
    • Gift Boxes and Tins perfect retail offering/hampers/gifts – 12/carton
  • Luken & May Biscuits – 200g Butterburst Trays Carton
    • Trays of Butterbusts – 9/carton – again great gift/retail shelf/hampers
  • Luken & May Biscuits – 500g Executive Catering Biscuits Carton
    • Each tray contains 5 flavours – 6/carton – great for meeting rooms

Same Order form as Byron Bay Cookies – the more you order the cheaper it is – makes it a very good offering!!

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