What’s happening in May @goodfoodwarehouse

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DaVinci Gourmet

DaVinci Gourmet Australia has some new flavours coming to market.

2ltr Madagascar Vanilla Bean Sauce is first on the list, this should be ready to ordering early May, stock is in Australia ready to go we are just waiting on them to finalise pricing.

NEW LOOK for DaVinci – in May DaVinci Gourmet are launching a new look for Syrups, Sauces and more…


Luv Sum – new food service range is online ready to go – 10 delicious flavours – gluten free maple pecan, gluten free salted caramel, date free coconut choc chip, date free nut butter brownie just to name a few, well worth a look.

The Art of Blend

Again…more special requests…The Art of Blend is a powder specialist – flavours such as; Aromatic Spiced Chai, Exquisit White Chocolate, Decadent Chocolate and more….

Who else is interested in this range…please let me know so we can get an idea of stock requirements, just reply to this blog – http://www.blendbeverages.com.au/

Byron Bay Cookies

More product listings…we are working on the Byron Bay gift range, 150g Gift Bag and 125g pouches, should be listed by the end of this week…:)

Don’t forget Byron Bay Cookies offer a complete range of Cafe Cookies, Wrapped Twin Packs, Butterburst Bites, Baby Buttons and more…


NEW soon to be LISTED…we are working with Blake from Naked Paleo, the product looks fantastic…more on this soon…

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Welcome to world of Boutique Cofee Roasters – we are excited to be working with a number of coffee roasters..more on this soon…you’ll have the opportunity to try air roasted coffee and more…

Make your business stand out from the rest, give yourself a point of difference – don’t serve the same products as the guy next door!!


We’ve had requests for Raw, Bonsoy, Tom and Luke, Byron Bay Muesli, Somage Fine Foods, Snowy Mountain Cookies, Brookfarm and more…

BTW – we have no idea if any of these producers would be interested in partnering with us… but if we don’t ask… we won’t know…:)

Keep sending the requests!!!

Thank you from Good Food Warehouse

We’d like to thank everyone for the on-going support. We keep mentioning our ‘win-win-win’ strategy… but it’s true, if we can continually refine and grow what we do so that our systems are working for everyone…then happy days…orders for our suppliers, fresh products for our customers and hopefully I’ll be able to have a holiday…one day…:)

Don’t forget..any questions please feel free to Live Chat…many thanks Jane x