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Creating a Community @ Good Food Warehouse

clock September 1, 2014 05:17 by author Jane

One of the most exciting things about running your own business is your 'light bulb moment', that time when all the hard work comes to fruition.  I'm certainly not saying we're anywhere near the end of our adventure, infact the opposite, but what we see happening is the beginning of a wholesale 'COMMUNITY', which is very exciting.

By this we mean our suppliers/producers are slowly understanding what Good Food Warehouse has to offer, the systems in place they can use to provide the opportunity for anyone to buy directly from them anywhere, anytime, without adding high margins that can quickly remove a product from market.  We provide them with immediate sales nationally, in any market sector.

And our buyers, you're starting to let us know how we can help your business, all be it via suggestions such as; source more suppliers, delivery, minimum orders and so on....  All this information helps us provide a 'Convenient Buying Community' where you place one order, one payment and one point of contact, we do the rest!

So..who are our customers?  both of you, our Sellers and Buyers, can be a difficult task to keep everyone happy..:)

In a nut shell, we see our role as taking the hard work out of ordering, bringing the supply chain closer together, providing immediate access with the convenience of one system.

What do we do?  We make sure it works; we'll continue to adjust as we grow.  It's our job to manage the orders, pay and organise for the freight and ensure that both parties are provided with the expected product and service.

It's time to keep doing what we do and thank you for all the feedback over the past month or so, we are still reviewing everything and will continue to hopefully tick more boxes.

Yippee it's spring, enjoy...:)  Please feel free to chat.

Thank you


16g Twin Cookie flavours from Pantry and Larder @ Good Food Warehouse

clock August 20, 2014 07:26 by author Jane

Perfect product for counter top grab and go, hotel rooms, hampers, gift baskets, corporate meetings, coffee vans and so much more...

3 twin packs on offer from Pantry and Larder;

  • Muesli and Anzac
  • Triple Choc and White Choc, Fig and Cranberry
  • Molten Choc and Swiss Muesli - Gluten Free

Can be purchased in the same carton as the rest of their range, each cookie is 16g, you get 12 packets per flavour and packaged in display box.


Have a great week.


** SURVEY UPDATE ** thank you for the valuable feedback, we've started to implement changes based on your requests....Smile

 - One of the requests was to have more sample offerings from our suppliers, we've consolidated samples into their own category, BUY fresh samples NOW!!


3 NEW flavours Luv Sum Energy Balls @ Good Food Warehouse

clock July 23, 2014 07:35 by author Jane

New from their 'Pick-me-Up' range.

  • Morning-Glory - A delicious golden start to your day of Muesli Nut Breakie ball
  • Not-a-Nut-job - Nut free protein shot of chocolate and coconut lamington
  • White Choc Cranberry - Nut free protein shot of white chocolate and cranberry

Seven flavours on offer now, you have the choice of the retail carton which contains display boxes or the bulk range of 100 balls per flavour.  Don't forget they have a sample carton on offer, total of 21 balls to try on your staff and customers, well worth it.

Why Luv Sum?

They offer an alternative to the run of the mill, highly processed protein snacks and meal replacements.  Their very unique range of protein and energy balls combine quality wholefoods such as fruits, nuts, seeds and super foods.  These first of a kind, low calorie, high protein snack are highly nutritious and make a perfect morning or afternoon snack, or after a workout for a sustained energy boost.  This is a great product to offer your customers, needs to be a grab-and-go offering at the counter top.


Remember to buy online, in your own time, the freshest possible products, 100% supplier love guaranteed!!!!

Enjoy your weekend.


$10 Off next Order Guaranteed @ Good Food Warehouse

clock July 22, 2014 09:43 by author Jane

Why Feedback?    'keeps us on our toes'...:)


It's our passion to provide you with the best possible wholesale solution, this maybe via ordering, customer service, delivery, produce variety, product freshness and more, we'd love you to complete our very short and easy survey. The information is valuable to us, so we can improve on areas that you think are not serviced well enough. 

Please note this survey is active for 7 days, why not give yourself a little more profit margin and help us get better at what we do...:)

Once completed please email Jane or Amber to receive your Coupon Code, it will expire in 15 days of receipt.

We hope to see you participate - Click here to take survey


Thank you in advance


How important is Feedback @ Good Food Warehouse

clock June 24, 2014 03:48 by author Jane

My last post was about our TOP 3 offerings.  Just quickly, we'd like to touch base on customer feedback....

We can say what we like, it's 'YOU' that matters.  Feedback and Testimonials are tough, everyone in business can have good and bad, with on-line reviews growing, at some stage this will impact your business.

For us, we see negative feedback as a good thing, keeps us on our toes and allows us to change it into a 'positive'.  If someone has taken the time to let us know they're not happy about something, then we as a business need to fix it.

Everyone loves positive feedback, it's always so nice to hear.  Just recently, I got off the phone from one customer, her comment to me was 'Good Food Warehouse is the only business that never lets me down', she said we always find a solution, you guys are fantastic.  That makes our day, it means we are making a difference...Smile

Over the next few weeks you'll see we're updating data on our site so you have everything to make a purchase decision, we've also updated the My List, Shopping Cart and Order Receipt with dispatch information to help you manage receiving orders, stock rotations and ordering cycles.

Don't forget our information portal, this has loads of questions and answers you've all asked - Our Knowledge Base.

Please feel free to pickup the phone and chat to me, email or live chat online, as always happy to help out where needed.
Have a great weekend.
*** Coming soon.. 10% Off next order for everyone.. more info next week ***
We're in Orange this week, wow what a weather change from the Gold Coast.. last week of school holidays..:)

  Had a very nice coffee at Bills Beans Espresso Bar... 

FRESH wholesale is best @ Good Food Warehouse

clock June 19, 2014 05:23 by author Jane

Without doubt our #1 offering is FRESH.


  • Firstly, all produce is delivered direct from the producer/manufacturer to you
  • Secondly, in most cases products are produced to order or within the week, giving you the longest shelf life possible

So this means no hot warehouse storage, no double handling of the product - delivered straight from them to you - 100% supplier love guaranteed!!

Our #2 is order consolidation, we provide you with a system so you can 'buy direct' from a growing number of producers/manufacturers in one central location - one order, one payment, prices are delivered, no fees or freight charges at checkout and we'll do the rest.

Our #3 is customer service, because we have a relationship with the supplier we can quickly and efficiently resolve product concerns, damages and any other questions you may have.  Don't forget we have an online knowledge base that stores a lot of FAQs.

** Important Note - Our suppliers work hard to have your order shipped with 24-48hrs from receipt, unless specified otherwise on our site.  However despatch days can change due to new production runs, this can delay your despatch by a few days, particularly is suppliers are doing Gluten Free production.   We endeavour to have orders despatched as quick as possible, please remember we are not about urgency.  Try and get yourself into an ordering pattern when stocks are half way through or start to run low.

It's our mission to provide 'real choice' in the market for customers, giving you access to small-medium sized food and beverage producers that are looking for a pro-active delivery service Australia wide.

Have a great afternoon.


DaVinci Gourmet Carton change for Powders @ Good Food Warehouse

clock June 14, 2014 09:39 by author Jane

Many of you have requested smaller carton offerings from our suppliers.

We have combined the DaVinci Gourmet Chocolate, Chai and Frappease powders into the one box.

You may see some slight price adjustments, we've tried to keep things as close to what you were paying as possible.

NEW carton is called DaVinci Gourmet - Powders & Frappease Carton - minimum order is 6 bags of any Chocolate, Chai or Frappease base powder.

Quantity Discounts on offer - buy 2 cartons (12 bags) 7% discount, buy 3-4 get 9% discount, buy 5+ cartons get 12% discount.

If you buy the 8 or 12 carton size of each flavour now, then the quantity discounts on our new offering should be to your advantage as you are crazy if you don't buy 5 cartons and get 12% OFF.  Approx 7 bags of each flavour, depending on what you're looking for.

NEW FLAVOUR now available from DaVinci Gourmet - Vanilla Chai powder - Brent from DaVinci tells me it's very popular flavour.

NEED TO KNOW - if you are an existing buyer you'll need to remove the old carton from your MY LIST and add in the new one.

We'd like to thank you for your feedback and we hope this offering works for you.

*** On another quick note National Cafe Supplies have closed their business, times are tough and unfortunately their products didn't have the uptake they'd hoped.

Please feel free to email or chat on-line if you have any questions.

Many Thanks


$10 OFF finishes June 30 Christens Gingerbread @ GoodFoodWarehouse

clock June 11, 2014 05:13 by author Jane

 A little reminder about their range?

  • Gingerbread Men are 40g each, individually wrapped in display box
  • 24 Gingerbread per display box - contains 6 chocolate and 18 plain flavours
  • 6 months shelf life
  • Handmade with love!
  • Quantity discounts available - 8% and 10%
  • Minimum order is 2 display boxes per carton
  • Price varies depending on your location, here is a quick price guide - Brisbane $1.55 each, Sydney $1.56, Melbourne $1.57 - PRICES QUOTED ARE DELIVERED.
  • RRP = $3.50 - $4.00
  • Shipping - despatched every Thursday
At the checkout use Coupon Code:  MCGinger01  (Expires: 30/06/2014)
This offer can not be combined with other coupon codes and can only be used once.


Have a great week.  Cheers Jane

OMG Peninsula Fudge have NEW PICTURES @ Good Food Warehouse

clock May 21, 2014 05:00 by author Jane

Quality pictures are so important, if the picture looks good, the product will be great!!!!

Proof in the pudding - Peninsula Fudge have a delicious range of fudge on offer.

They are one of our Melbourne regional wholesale food suppliers.  A family owned and operated producer, located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, manufacture deliciously smooth and creamy fresh fudge from only the highest quality ingredients, in a range of tempting flavours which are sure to be a hit with your customers, bringing them back for more time after time.

All fudge is made FRESH to Order and GLUTEN FREE.

They have 3 carton varieties on offer;

Thanks and have a great day.


Lots of News - New Website @ Good Food Warehouse

clock May 2, 2014 07:34 by author Jane

Ok..lots to tell you, New Website, please be a little patient as we iron out a few issues .. love technology!!!  The objective of this change was to provide smarter search results and enhanced re-ordering.

Simple change, allowing you to login directly from the homepage, straight to My List. Plus...finally....'Remember Me' functionality, tick this when you login again and your browser will remember you.

You'll see we've added new tabs to the My List screen, now you don't have to leave My List to see whats new, what else are people buying and your browsing history.  A good one for you, Order History, this tab shows a list of your orders, you can view and re-order the same order again.  Plus being able to quickly see what new products we have.

Order Claims - coming soon, this is so you can lodge an issue directly to the supplier.

Shopping Cart - I know remembering coupons can be very frustrating, so we've automated those, if you have an active coupon this will appear in your cart when you order next.

Find by Warehouse - this is our site map and will provide you with a good picture of what suppliers we have on offer.

Find by Category - we've updated results to display by carton, so you can see what products fit in what carton, added a little ?, if you hover this you'll see how many products to a carton.  Added a Compare function, so if you are looking across many suppliers and see which fits best. 

Find by Supplier - new view so you can easily see what cartons our suppliers have on offer.

Supplier Pages - new views so you can see the products available in each carton.

Search - we've amended the results so you can sub search by category, supplier and specialty.

We hope you like the new look, we've worked on simplifying it, it will take a week or so to settle down and we'll make further tweaks based your feedback.

I'll do up some videos next week so you can see the benefit of the above in detail.

What else is coming?

  • Eway payment tokens - this payment option removes the need of having to enter in your credit card details each time you order.
  • Mobile - our focus here will be re-ordering, so you can order on your phone anywhere, anytime.
  • Suppliers - we've re-vamped our offering for suppliers to help them sell nationally and will have many more to come very soon.

Have a great weekend and let me know if you need anything.